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Understand and reduce risk

The Cyber Essentials standard was established to encourage organisations that would have previously never considered information security issues to begin looking at what they might to to improve their security posture. Our Cyber Essentials Consultancy will help you develop a real-world understanding of what is expected and the most cost-effective path towards compliance.

Calculate Scope

One of the challenges for any organisation is knowing what exactly is within the scope of the standard - where it starts and stops. We will assist in determining the most efficient scope possible, entering all that is required to be compliant with the standard but not adding cost by including superfluous assets.

Remediation and deployment

Our expert infrastructure knowledge allows us to deploy solutions that will facilitate standards compliance for clients. Every practical step identified during the Cyber Essentials Consultancy phase can be implemented quickly and efficiently. We find this helps clients avoid the additional costs involved in bringing in the required skillset and removes one of the significant cost barriers.

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