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Vulnerability Assessment

As a standalone Cybersecurity service or part of a penetration test package, our vulnerability assessment will give you a full picture of the risks within your network. We’ll uncover and assess misconfigured and/or unpatched software, exposed services and sources of data leakage on your internal and external networks. You will see what a potential attacker would see and learn how to slam the door on them before they act.


A comprehensive test of a client’s information security measures, our Ethical Hacking Services will explore the network, application, human and physical aspects. Using the mindset and toolset of a determined hacker, we will uncover weakness in regards to Cybersecurity and supply actionable, real-world results. You will learn what damage a malicious attacker could do and how to effectively minimise that risk.

Secure Networks Appliance

Our custom-designed Secure Networks Cybersecurity Appliance is intended to make life as difficult as possible for hackers. It purifies network traffic, intelligently slamming the door on anything less than legitimate. Low cost and effective, it’s an excellent method of hardening any Internet-facing service that sits on the perimeter of your network. With a feature set that matches high-end network equipment, its cost-efficiency is unmatched.

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