Free Vulnerability Scan

We want to raise Information Security awareness and reduce the threat and influence of malicious hackers. We offer a free vulnerability scan (using the same tools that would be employed in a Pentest) for websites and networks. No strings or obligations.

Here's how it will work:

  • You request that a specific IP or website be scanned
  • We check the email address used is associated with the IP or website
  • We carry out the scan and send the results to you*

What we won't do:

  • Be held responsible if something falls over during a scan.
  • Scan an IP address or website without appropriate authority
  • Scan more than one IP address or website for free per domain
  • Extend the free offer to any entity outside the UK.
  • Bombard you with any sales pitch. One follow-up email is all.

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Important Information

Your use of this website and the free vulnerability scan service offer constitutes formal permission for Vis Viva Ltd to conduct the test and requests our transmission of network packets to your network or website host.

Scan Type

All probing will be entirely benign. No information from any free vulnerability scan will be shared with any third party. We'll get in touch with you once following the scan.

Network Traffic

If you are using a firewall product or IDS you should expect to see entries related to the scan. Do not panic about this.

Results Limit

*Results will be limited to the top 5. If found, this will consist of the top 'Critical' vulnerability, two medium risk vulnerabilities and two low risk, as defined by the tools in use.

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