Vulnerability Assessment

Delivering concise, controlled, actionable results.

Vulnerability Management

Nobody can manage what they don't know. Our Vulnerability Assessment will give any organisation a comprehensive picture of what potential risks lie within its network, both internally and externally as required. We will facilitate a 'hacker's eye view' of your network, from either an insider threat's perspective and/or that of a third party attacker.

Risk Footprint

It tends to be the case that a client's Risk Footprint grows and then shrinks as a result of a thorough, properly delivered Vulnerability Assessment. Systems and services that were previously ignored are brought into the scope of the organisation's risk reduction/mitigation strategy. As the resulting controls are implemented, risk is correspondingly reduced.

Patch Management

Effective application of software updates is an easy win when it comes to reducing network vulnerabilities. Many clients have Patch Management policies but many are not effectively implemented. A Vulnerability Assessment is the only way to quickly ascertain whether key security policies are effective and being adhered to.

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