Secure Networks: monitor, secure & respond

Stop Hacker Recon

Any prospective attacker starts by building a picture of your network and the services that reside within it. Our Secure Networks appliance works by stopping recon traffic, preventing the gathering of intelligence about your organisation's infrastructure. It is unique in the way it responds to this, is low cost and high throughput. It will increase your insight, network security and lower your costs.

Information Leakage

Without knowing your organisation is giving a lot away via all Internet-facing services. An attacker will know what platform you are using, what software it is running and even what version of that software you are on. Attackers have time and tools on their side. Your organisation has to hope attackers lack the skills to exploit or that the software vendor takes security seriously. The Secure Networks appliance stops this, entirely.

Secure Networks Cost

The majority of network appliances cost tens of thousands of pounds to purchase coupled with a significant maintenance cost. Our Secure Networks appliance offers a low barrier to entry coupled with highly competitive maintenance fees. Usage is metered - you only pay for the purified, legitimate traffic you have used, potentially saving your organisation thousands of pounds.

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